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Clean Green Kinghorn was an exciting community project run by The Ecology Centre and Sustainable Communities Initiatives (SCI). The two-year project helped local people in making simple changes to their lifestyles, to give Kinghorn a cleaner and greener future, whilst making positive contributions to tackling climate change.

Since March 2009 the project has delivered 26 workshops and events and worked with over 1000 people in Kinghorn, including 6 community organisations such as the Parish Church, Community Centre, Lifeboat Station and Scouts group.

Kinghorn’s Carbon Reductions: You have prevented a massive 1224 tonnes of carbon dioxide being produced, equivalent to filling  7,345 Double Decker Buses!

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Kinghorn Primary School: Enthusiastic pupils engaged in inspiring workshops covering energy, food and travel, which spurred them on to pass on their knowledge & successfully encourage their families to take pledges to reduce their carbon emissions at home.

Creative Expression

The whole school had an enlightening tour of the Earthship Fife Visitors Centre and some even had fun decorating the Community Yurt, with local artists experienced in painting and felt making.

They also took part in a ‘Walk to School Week’ with an average of 70% of the children walking to school over the five days!

The pupils & teachers have ongoing proposals and plans which they are taking forward to normalise behaviour changes at school and home.

Burntisland & Kinghorn Renewable Energy Group: As a result of the project, a new Burnisland & Kinghorn Renewable Energy group has begun to develop the idea of a ommunity renewable energy scheme which could generate an income for local residents.

What happens now?

Although the project has finished, if you have any queries either phone 01592 891884 or email OR  if you are  interested in being a local ‘eco-representative’ for Kinghorn, why not join the new Kinghorn Stewardship Group, contact Aphra on for more information.

Rosiaina Browning and Caireen Ros, Project Co-ordinator’s from Clean Green Kinghorn expressed their gratitude to the community, “We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s taken part in the project and helped make it a success. A huge amount has been achieved in a very short space of time and this is thanks to community members all pulling together to do their bit. We hope people will continue to take action and do their bit to help the environment long into the future.”


The Clean Green Kinghorn team