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Plastic Bottle Greenhouse & Outdoor Classrooms

Waste education packages that turn your waste into unique practical structures for schools or your community

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse - Waste Education Package


Built by SCI & Rogart Primary School in Sutherland

A 2m x 3m greenhouse that can be used for plant growing, classroom & play activities. We offer different packages:

Clients need to collect 1500 2-litre clear round bottles, materials included in price. We also take them through th 3 'Rs' - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and have time to make toys from unused bottles.

Contact us for full details of build options and prices

If you have good DIY skills you might consider building it yourself following the detailed instructions in our publication Plastics Are Fantastic book (£14 including postage & packaging) - visit our shop.

Outdoor Classrooms

ShelterShelterShelterBus shelter and seat                           Three walled shelter and bench                  Unfinished plastic bottle wall
Tyre WallDigging
Tyre Shelter wall and bench at Inverkeithing High School

For further information or to book a package contact: Donna Ferri on:
01592 891884 - Email: