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Thinking of the future together!

The aim of Cool Burntisland was to raise awareness, support the local community and teach practical skills to help people make positive lifestyle changes, individually and together with their community to reduce carbon emissions. It was centred around the Earthship Fife Visitors Centre & Community Yurt. Free attractive events and workshops were run for children, youths, families, adults and business people.


Getting involved is easy & it's all FREE:

Do you want to save money, help your community and save the planet at the same time?

Cool Burntisland is hear to help!

  • Come along to any of our forthcoming events and have some fun!
  • Visit the Earthship Fife Visitors Centre for a FREE tour (contact us to arrange a suitable time).
  • Checkout the information display in our Community Yurt.

We can help YOUR organisation (or its members!) save £'s or access grants!

We have been giving advice on how to access grants funding and reduce energy bills to individuals, schools, churches and community groups in Burntisland.

So far:

69 individuals and 4 organisations have signed up to get a free energy audit and personalised advice on what grants are available to help with the costs if installing loft insulation, cavity wall or renewable energy technologies such as, air source heat pumps, solar panels etc.

If you would like a free independent energy audit of your home/community building then please contact

Carbon Busters

Cool Burntislands' Carbon Busters meetings are here to help take the mystery out of how to cut your carbon footprint with inspiring tips, support and advice. Get the latest on everything from fabulous low impact holidays, where to source local food and how to access government grants (e.g. for insulation measures or renewable technologies such as solar panels).

It is really amazing how small individual changes can make a big difference to your purse + the planet when added together.

For example, reducing the household thermostat by 1 degree could save you up to £55 a year or switching all your lightbulbs to low energy ones can save £37 a year.

We need your help!

We would like to save 1000 tonnes of CO2 by Christmas but need your help to do it. Join us by making some simple pledges( please click HERE). It will only take a couple of minutes! Astonishingly, if every household installed 3 energy saving light bulbs, the energy saved in a year would supply all the street lighting in the UK!!!!


double decker bus

Need Some inspiration?

Download some tips & advice sheets below:

home energy Saving Energy at Home: click here

piggie bank Current offers & grants: click here

inspiring holidays Inspiring Scottish Holidays: click here

holiday tips Tips for holidaying in Scotland: click here

Interested in FOOD or FREE ENERGY?

If you stay in Burntisland and would like to see surplus fruit and veg being harvested and put to good use or are interested in Community Renewable Energy Generation then we would like to hear from you! Call Caireen on 01592 891884 or Buster

Coffee, Cake & Carbon Busters

If you live in Burntisland, we have a regular get togethers over coffee & cake in 'Potter About' with different speakers who offer specialist advice and support.

You can even earn vouchers for local shops or pick a giftbasket full of yummy food or pampering treats (sustainable of course) by letting us know how you are cutting your carbon footprint.

Burntislands Carbon Busters & Mike Small from Fife Diet

Carbon Buster awards

Comment from one of the Carbon Busters:

"I get a lot out of the sessions - they've really opened my eyes to how much we can all do and the encouragement helps me keep trying!"

We will be meeting again on 26th August 7-8.30pm in ' Potter About' on the High Street. Check out the events section for details.

All welcome! Contact for more details.


Update your diary with the latest events!

Did you know?

A typical window left open
overnight in winter will 
waste enough energy to 
drive a small car more than
 35 miles.

Burn’s Night Celebration Ceilidh

Friday 28th January 7.30pm -till late The Bay Hotel, Pettycur Bay. Starring “Hud Yer Wheesht” Ceilidh Band; Tickets £5 pp – FREE Burn’s Supper included! Children of all ages welcome (under 5s free). Tickets in advance only. Please call 01592 891567 to book or email

Book early to avoid disappointment!




 KEEP WARM AND SAVE MONEY – book your free survey now!

EVERYONE will be entitled to the discount and some people may even get it for FREE!

Cool Burntisland will be taking bookings for FREE insulation surveys in Burntisland on:

Tuesday 8th February 9.30-12pm at Burntisland Library
Thursday 10th February 2pm-5pm - Burntisland Library

Tuesday 22nd February 9.30-12pm - Burntisland Co-op

Thursday 24th February 2pm-5pm - Burntisland Co-op  
Call 0800 512 012* (Energy Saving Scotland Advice Centre)
Mention Clean Green Kinghorn or Cool Burntisland
& your booking will be fast-tracked!

Look out for the Energy Saving Trust letter
coming through your door soon!

Ever wondered how the Earthship works?
(FREE TOURs for Kinghorn & Burntisland residents)

Come along and see first hand how you can save money and energy at home. Please email or phone 01592 891884 to book an individual or group tour.

Eco Adventures at Burntisland Primary

Burntisland Primary School was a buzz of excitment on Tuesday 5th October as the whole school took part in a Fun 'Eco Day' organised by the Cool Burntisland Team

Eco Day yurt & sign

The day started early as a staggering 355 children took up the challenge to 'Walk to School'!

On arrival the children were enthralled by the appearance of SCI's colourful Community Yurt, a hub for the storytelling throughout the day. Enthusiastic pupils had fun being creative with waste, whilst the younger children had an entertaining time play 'Outdoor Eco Games'.

StorytellingMaking plastic models

Fife Diet, Burntislands award winning local food project took centre stage at the school assemblies to talk to pupils about food miles and sustainability.

The 'Big Swap' was a hugh success when pupils discovered how easy it is to get a new toy, book or comic without spending a penny (to the delight of many parents)!

Some comments from the school...

Matthew Armotage "it has been great doing fun things which help to make the world better & healthier, also enjoyed my walk to school".

Shaun Rennie "I liked my walk to school today, nice to see things on the way. It was interesting to find out where food comes from and where to get it locally. Enjoyed the storytelling in the yurt, it was fun making up stories & easier than I thought".

Courtney Rollo "at break time I told my mum all about the workshop and talk we had on reduce reuse recycle. When I was her at lunch time she told me she had bought some rechargable batteries and a reuseable bag, after school i'm going to tell my Gran!"

Head Teacher Brenda McCormick said "it has been a very worth while joint project with SCI at the Earthship & Fife Diet & we will be continuing this work through our Eco Group, lead by Eleanor Kerr. The school has been very fortunate to be able to call on local resources to host such a fruitful event & picking up many new ideas. The school will continue to work with these local groups to progress this work further with the children."


Burntislands Primary - pupils' hard work pays off...

We've been working closley with Burntisland Primary & Starley Hall.

  • We delivered energy workshops to pupils (all 450 in Burntisland Primary school!!) using active learning, class discussions and games to help children understand where energy comes from, how we use it and why what we do effects our planet..
  • Cartoon busThe children have been working with their families to reduce their households 'carbon footprint' by making pledges with our 'Energy' and 'Food Dudes'. So far they have managed to save 60,400kgs of CO2!!! Thats equivalent to the amount of CO2 it takes to fill 362 Double Decker Buses!

    food dude - well done

  • Burtntisland Primary School wrote and performed an inspiring play 'Think of the Future' about how climate change will affect their lives in 50 years. This was made into a DVD!

Success for Scouts!

We've been helping Burntisland scouts to get their Global Conservation, Enviromental & Community Challenge awards! They too have been learning about the steps we can take to save cash and the planet. So far they have managed to save 19,340kgs co2 - that's equivant to 116 double decker buses worth which is hugh saving for 30 scouts!

Scouts with scrap book

Burntisland Scouts with their scrapbook which details everything they have done to get their awards. After they have taken it to their summer camp it will be on display at 'Fun at the Loch', Kinghorn Loch on 28th August.


As the project came to a close at the end of March 2011, read on to find out Cool Burntisland’s progress over the last two years! - below 'Burntisland Community Mural' with some of the children who created it. Takes pride of place at the Toll Centre, Butntisland.

Burntisland Mural


Since March 2009 the project has delivered 69 workshops and events and worked with over 6,000 people in Burntisland, including 8 community organisations such as the Parish Church, Community Centre, Guides and Scouts group. Information on growing your own local food, energy saving, waste reduction travel has been promoted and many households took up the challenge and became a ‘Carbon Buster ’. This involved taking a series of small pledges to reduce carbon and winning fun, local prizes for completing them.

Burntislands Carbon Reductions:

Burntisland Residents SMASHED their target of 1,000 tonnes by reducing their emissions by a massive 5,562 tonnes, equivalent to 33,373 double decker buses!

Burntisland Primary School:

After initially abandoning any thoughts of attaining their eco school status (due to their current building) the school lead the way with their enthusiasm. Engaging in inspiring workshops covering; energy, food and travel, which spurred pupils on to successfully encourage their families to take pledges to reduce their carbon emissions at home.

The whole school was a buzz of excitment when they took part in the fun 'Eco Day'. The day included, workshops, storytelling in the yurt, big swap, outddor eco games & talks from Fife Diet.

BIPS Eco Day

The Cool Burntisland Team also worked hard with the pupils and staff to creat an amazing 'Secret F-Garden' at Burntisland Primary School which was Which had its grand opening at the beginning of May 2011. The garden contains a willow tunnel, growing boxes, outdoor classroom space made from plastic bottles and a colourful mural.

Headteacher Brenda McCormic said -

"It has been a worthwhile joint project with SCI at the Earthship and we will be continuing this work through our Eco Group, lead by Eleanor Kerr. The school has been very fortunate to be able to call on local resourses to host such fruitful projects, picking up many new ideas. The school will continue to work with these local groups to progress this work further with the children."

Burntisland Scouts:

Burntisland scouts Group were double winners! Whilst learning about steps to 'save cash & the planet', they managed to save 19,340kgs CO2 - thats equivalent to 116 double decker buses a hugh saving for 30 scouts and then also gaining their Global Conservation, Environmental and Community Challenge Awards!

Burntisland Scouts

Burntisland Guides:

After participating in energy workshops facilitated by Cool Burntisland, the guides made behaviour change & pledges to reduce carbon emmissions within their families.

They then further enhanced Burntislands awarness of the energy reduction measures, when they took to the local High Street to encourage the community to make simple pledges to save carbon emissions at home.

Conducting an energy audit of the Parish Church buildings was just the first stage of the 'Greening their Community Buildings' as they will be embarking on a 2 year project, led by two of the older guides for their 'Youth Leadership and 'Baden Powel' awards.

Their enthusiasm continues as they are creating a guiding badge focused on Energy Reduction to be disseminated around other guiding groups!

BI Guides

Toll Centre:

Our Support has helped the Toll Centre to access grants funding for insulation measures freeing up money to be re-invested in the community activities.

Burntisland & Kinghorn Renewable Energy Group:

As a result of the project, a new Burntisland & Kinghorn Renewable Energy group has begun to develop the idea of a community energy scheme which could generate an income for local residents.

Carbon Busters:

'Coffee & Cake' Carbon Busters who's core group of 4 families who astonishingly managed to implement an average of 20-25 behavioural changes. These families have completely changed their behaviour in almost every aspect of their lifestyles from energy use, consumer choices to travel and food and are actively spreading the message with appropriate tips to their families and friends

We would like to extend a HUGE THANKS to everyone who was involved in the project and helped support the community work, by attending our events & workshops or by pledging to reduce their personal carbon footprint.