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Green Ways Days



Fun, learning experience for the whole school!

A choice of activities are available to suit all ages which helps schools towards eco flags and sustainability!

  • Creative Waste Workshop CLICK FOR MORE INFO
  • Energy Explorer Workshop CLICK FOR MORE INFO
  • Storytelling in the Yurt CLICK FOR MORE INFO
  • Eco Games - Climate Tig - 'tig with a difference'; allows the younger children to play games whilst learning about climate change, this is then followed by an opportunity to play with several wooden games made from waste.
  • Walk to school initiative - see how many pupils can take up the challenge to 'Walk to School' and discover the amount of co2 emissions they can save in just one day!
  • The 'Big Swap' - pupils discovered how easy it is to get a new toy, book or comic without spending a penny (to the delight of many parents)!


Teacher comments -

"Best part of the day was the atmosphere in the yurt and the energy explorer timelines created by the children. The children also loved turning their plastic bottles into toys/flowers. They spoke enthusiastically about making them at home! The games made from scrap materials were great fun and the Eco Games - a great way to get the message over to young children. The children have had a fantastic day, thank you!"
Dept Head teacher Capshard Primary School Kirkcaldy.

Childrens comments -

"I liked my walk to school today, nice to see things on the way. Enjoyed the storytelling in the yurt, it was fun making up stories and easier than I thought."
"It has been great doing fun things which help to make the world better and healthier, also enjoyed my walk today in the fresh air."

Parent comment -

"My son was really excited about the School Eco Day and couldn't wait to make a toy from his empty plastic bottle. When we arrived at school he was very curious about the colourful tent in the playground."

Costs :- price on application