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Green Ways Days



Do children understand the issues of Climate Change?

Our enlightening Energy Explorer Workshop challenges children to consider where energy comes from, how to reduce its usage and explore green alternatives whilst covering issues around climate change.




Includes interactive games such as:-

  • The life cycle of an e.g. glass bottle
  • Global warming story
  • Energy quiz
  • Renewable energy devices

Suitable for (P4-P7)

Teacher comments:-

"Excellent, the children enjoyed learning about the journey of different items, I learned a lot too!"
"Very organised and engaging!"
"Children enjoyed the day, and were enthusiastic & motivated throughout"

Children's comments:-

"Learning about wind/solar power things was interesting!"
"I liked building things & learning how things work".
"I learned about how things travel"
"Experiments were great, going to make a flick flax at home"
"oooh, dinosaur pooh!"

Through active learning, class discussions and games the children get an understanding and awareness of how their actions and behaviour can make a difference allowing them to live more sustainable lives.

Costs:- Full day at school 195 plus travel from Kinghorn