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Green Ways Days


Waste & Energy Workshops

Creative Waste Workshops:

An educational, fun way to ’Rethink’ waste. Includes an interactive talk followed by creatively using plastic drinks bottles to produce toys & household items.

Ideal for big or small events, Schools,
Community Groups, all ages and abilities

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Energy Explorers Workshops:

An interactive workshop demonstrating where energy comes from, how to reduce energy use, and explore green alternatives.


School Eco Days

An Eco Day is packed with fun & educational activities for the whole school!

It will help schools work towards eco flags and sustainability.

A selection or all of the following activities can be included in your Eco Day:

  • Creative Waste Workshop
  • Energy Workshop
  • Storytelling in the Yurt — we tell eco stories that lead to discussions, actions & the children create storysticks to help re-tell the stories
  • Eco Games— e.g. Climate Tig, Eco Steps
  • Walk to School Initiative
  • The ‘Big Swap’

All activities are co-ordinated by us so choose a day and we will ensure your school will have an experience to remember!


Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

A Waste Education Project:

Building your own unique 2m x 3m Plastic Bottle Greenhouse is a valuable educational opportunity for schools or community groups to produce a functional space for plant growing, classroom & science activities whilst effectively using 1500 used 2-litre bottles.

We can provide varying levels of support from full build supervision to helping you get started.


Storytelling Yurt


A Truly Versatile Medium – it is the oral telling of stories that brings them alive, captivating adults, and children alike!

Storytelling can be used for:

  • enhancing children’s events
  • compliment Eco Days
  • include curriculum eco subjects
  • encourage teambuilding

Everyone loves a story and everyone has one.........we are all storytellers!


Outdoor Class Rooms

These specially designed projects turn your waste into unique practical structures for your school or community

Custom-built Structures:

  • shelters in the playground
  • outdoor classroom spaces
  • community builds
  • children, family and adult can self build



  • Waste & Energy Workshops
    Full day at school £195 plus travel expenses from Kinghorn
    For drop-in events—prices on application
  • Eco School Days
    Cost per head from £1.96 —£4.60
    e.g. for schools with 450-150 pupils
  • Plastic Bottle Greenhouse
    Build options—prices on application
  • Storytelling
    Prices on application
  • Outdoor Classrooms
    Prices on application

For further information or to book
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