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Leap Frog is a pilot project to help equip families facing social, economic and environmental challenges by delivering workshops that provide information, share skills, boost confidence and nurture community cohesion. They are also a lot of fun!

What is involved?

Initially we will run a pilot study of 6 family-learning weeks in our community yurt (a Mongolian tent), followed by an evaluation to assess the success of our delivery methods to our target groups.

Who will take part in the pilot?

The Leap Frog pilot study will reach 36 families in Fife from the following groups: disadvantaged and at risk families, and single parents - working in partnership with Fife organisations, for example, we hope to be working with the Integrated Community Schools Programmes, Fife Gingerbread, Cottage Family Centre and Hayfield Community Centre.

What is a family-learning week?

The family-learning weeks will provide support through providing information and workshop facilitation, and offer creative learning through Compassionate Communication & Storytelling, Creative Waste workshops, and Energy Explorer workshops. The families will spend quality time together and participate in activities designed to increase feelings of empowerment and resilience. The activities and workshops will be held in the yurt in locations local to the target groups.

Oral storytelling for all ages will be used to put participants at ease, encourage openness and as a vehicle to introduce a communication tool, Compassionate Communication. This will support families with more harmonious communication in the home, enable them to better maintain relationships, thus avoiding further family breakdown.

Creative Waste Workshops will allow those of all ages and skills to participate in a range of projects that transform plastic household waste in a variety of ways, such as windmills, flowers, rockets or birdfeeders. The aim of these workshops is confidence building, families having fun together and community cohesion.
Energy Explorer workshops will practically look at energy use in the home with the aim to reduce consumption and bills, and provide useful grant information for energy improvements.

If you would like to find out more please e-mail us:

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