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All of the merchandise listed below, and more, is available to purchase in the Earthship Visitor Centre.

For website orders, please allow 14 days for delivery (international orders may take slightly longer).

Earthship Toolkit - 2nd edition

Earthship Toolkit
                  coverEarthship Fife Toolkit
                  sampl page

The Earthship Toolkit answers the questions that everyone asks:  Does it work? Will it pass the tests? Do people like it? What does it cost?

This A4 full-colour publication contains many illustrations and photographs and condenses all of the knowledge and experience that we have gained whilst building the first Earthship in Scotland.

See the contents and foreword

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was £18.00 now £10.00


Toolkit DVD cover

Earthship DVD
The Earthship DVD takes you through Earthship Fife's journey from New Mexico to Scotland in 30 illustrative minutes. The building process of the Earthship is covered in depth, and clear descriptions of the autonomous systems are highlighted from footage shot throughout the construction period.

Price: £7.00


Earthship DVD and Toolkit book together

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Was £23.00 Now £14.00


Plastics are Fantastic coverPlastics are Fantastic
                  sample page

Plastics are Fantastic

Full instructions including diagrams and colour photos explain in detail how to construct a plastic bottle greenhouse or shelter wall.

Price: £12.00


Plastics are Still
                  Fantastic cover

Plastics Are (Still) Fantastic!

Hold on to those empty plastic bottles! Did you know they can be easily transformed into a spider, flower, butterfly, spinner, lid catcher, reindeer head, trumpet, van windmill and rocket?

Each of the 10 re-use projects comes with easy-to-follow instructions including an at-a-glance guide to materials needed and lots of colour photos to help you at each stage. There are also ideas for how to decorate and adapt the toys to make each one uniquely yours.

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Was £14.99 Now £9.99



Suitable for children aged 7+, working with an adult, or aged 9+ with occasional adult help. Or for those adults who want to be creative and have fun!

Great for use at home, in the classroom and with community groups.