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Traditional storytelling is a unique human craft, and one of our oldest artforms - everyone grows up with stories all around them, in books, on television, from each other - it is the oral telling of stories that brings them alive, and captivates adults, and children alike back to something once forgotten.

Storytelling can be used for any curriculum subject, to compliment School Eco Days, to create teambuilding, to enhance a children's eventů.anywhere, anytime.



In Schools -
We tell stories that lead to discussions and actions within schools, helping schools towards eco flags and sustainability, and the children have fun creating story sticks to help them go on and re-tell the stories. Sessions take place in our unique Mongonlian yurt!

Teacher comments -

"Best part encouraging children to think about retelling a story to a younger audience"

Childrens comments -

"The story was awesome"
"Real fun creating the sticks"
"Can't wait to tell other children the story"
"Interesting story"
"I really loved the story about the tailor, it was very fun!"

In Teambuilding days - storytelling is used as a unique and effective way to tap into our communication skills. Participants share stories at the group and individual level - and they are guaranteed to laugh!

Everyone loves a story and everyone has one.........we are all storytellers. Participants of a teambuilding storytelling session will leave with a smile, and knowing their team members a whole lot better. Storytelling connects people and allows us to see and hear each other in a different way.

Costs :- price on application